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Thanks Alot to SmilingDreamer for nominating me for these awrds. You’re great. Please check her out. It will be totally worth it.



 I love spending time with my family

 I love FRIENDS (the sitcom) and I’m a weird combination of Phoebe, Chandler and Monica

 I don’t really like dogs and cats but I love insects.(especially lady birds and butterflies)

Answers to 5 questions

1. What is 1 question you hate to answer? 

I get extremely confused when people ask me ” tell me about yourself.” I hate to answer that question.

2. Are you usually late, early or right on time?

Mostly, on time.

3. What are the top 3 apps you use on your phone?

 Instagram, WhatsApp, WordPress.

 4. If you could be any age in a week, what age would it be and why?

 Probably 13. I’d like to feel the excitement I felt when I became a teenager again.

 5. What’s the worst punishment you had as a child?

 All  Punishments are bad. Hence, they are called punishments.

 Extra Hard Bonus Question: Nutella Or French Fries? 


 My best Post – I love all of my posts. And all of them are special to me.

 Questions for my nominees – 

  1. What super power you would want if it was possible?
  2. What is your best feature according to you?
  3. Two people you can’t stand.
  4. Favorite movie genre. And also the favorite movie.
  5. Most amazing thing about your blog that you love.


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7 facts about me

1.  I don’t have a sweet tooth but probably sweet gums. I love sweets. ❤

2. I really love Full House (sitcom). It is a classic, I think. And the new Fuller House is a real treat for me.

3. I love to Hoola-Hoop and I’m glad that atleast there’s something I can do better than most people.

4. I’m a procastinator.

5. I have OCD.

6. I don’t like “bad boys.” Infact, pure gentlemen.

7. I’m an amateur guitar player and I love to sing.

And the nominees are…

 avocadosucker

 xXAlwaysDreamingXx

 From my life 

 P.P.S it’s Peri

 ChaoticShapes

 nita0216blog

  Iriz Chan 

 wortharticlesblog

 FantasyDuke

 Uniquely Rosie 

All of these bloggers are nominated for both the awards and are amazing and totally deserving! 

That’s all for now. Hope you liked this post. 

Toodles! xxx

Someone will always be better

Hey guys! How are you all doing? I hope everything is fine and if it isn’t then I’ll pray for it to get better. 

I was just lurking and stalking people I know but don’t  like much on the internet. And while I do this a lot(sorry 🙈) I realized something today. One thing has always bothered me and that’s probably the reason I dislike them for no reason that they are so much better than me in everything I do. I realized today that even though this is true, still there won’t be any one else like me. I promised myself today to appreciate myself.

I like to play guitar but I’m not that good. I’m a decent singer but there are so many girls who are so much better than me. I like to write stuff but still I’m not the best. ( I’m just talking about the people I know personally, mostly from my school.) Many times I feel so bad that why is that girl so much prettier than me, or better singer than me, or better writer than me, or better guitarist than me or even more popular than me. I’ve wasted so much time of my life on self-pity. But I really should learn to appreciate and love what and who I am and accept the fact that there will be so many people out there who are better than me in everything I do. But I’m the best me. And no one else can be better “Me”.

What about you guys? Do you feel like this sometimes? If yes, then do you want to give any suggestions?


​I once read a post on Facebook that read, “Our fingers dance on the keyboard every night… Its been ages since we slept with a book on chest. ” I really loved it. For me however it hasn’t been ages cause it was only last year when I wrote my 12 grade finals. Yes, I’ve had exams in college too but didn’t really sleep with a book beside me. 

But I’m glad that it’ll happen again with me tonight. I have a Geography test on Monday and I was studying for it..its around 12:30 am and I’m feeling very eyes feel so heavy. Still, I’m glad that I’m going to sleep with a book beside me rather than my phone or laptop. Things change so much in a year and times passes so quickly. Around this time last year, I was so stressed out. I used to study till late night and used to cry my eyes out whenever I got stuck. I was extremely nervous but now..exactly one year later, I’m sitting on the same sofa and studying the way I used to..but not at all tensed. In fact I’m so glad that I’m studying. I’m really sleepy now..I should go now. Time to sleep with my books. 

Tags! :)

I’ve been nominated for these tags by the amazing  Smiling Dreamer. Please check her out. I’m a huge fan myself. Trust me, you’ll become one too.


    1. Mention Creator of tag

    2. Use the image in the article

    3. Mention blogger(s) who have chosen you

    4. Answer the questions

    5. Tag 9 other bloggers & let them know

    Huge thanks to David for creating this awesome tag!

    1.Describe your 2016 in 3 words.




    2. Write the name of 2 people that have characterized your 2016.

    My mom and dad.

    3. Write the most beautiful place you’ve visited in 2016 and why you liked it so much.

    Lansdowne in Uttrakhand,India. It was so peaceful and mesmerizing. Plus,I loved it because my two aunts were with us.

    4. Write the most delicious food you’ve tasted in 2016.

    Can’t think of just one. I’m a foodie so the list is quite big. But the most important one is each and everything my mom made.

    5. Write the event which has marked you more of this in 2016?

    There were many. Both good and bad. Good including I graduating and getting into college and the bad was meeting with a  road accident.

    6. Write the finest purchase you’ve made in this 2016, and if you want to link a photo.

    I’m not a shopaholic so the most important one would be my FRIENDS T-shirt. Please don’t judge I really love it. Oh! and yes, my birthday dress. It was dreamy and so ravishing.

    7.Write 3 good intentions for this 2017.

    To obey what my parents tell me.

    To make my parents happy.

    To surrender my life to God completely.

    8. Write 1 place you want to visit in 2017.

    Anywhere as long as my family is with me.

    9. Write 1 plate/food you want to eat in 2017

    I haven’t yet tried chocolate pizza yet…I can’t relate these two things together. Still, I think I should.

    This is a really fun tag. I enjoyed it a lot. So, here it goes..

    A- Amazing

    B- Beautiful

    C- Chatty

    D- Dainty

    E- Ellegant

    F- Friendly

    G- Girl😂

    H- Humble

    I-  Independent

    J- Jolly

    K-  Kind

    L- Lovable

    M- Mad

    N- Naive

    O- Outstanding

    P- Picky

    Q- Quirky

    R- Rachel

    S- Spiritual

    T- Tall

    U- Understanding

    V- Vivacious

    W- Witty

    X- Xenophile 

    Y- Young

    Z- Zesty

    And now the nominees are….


    Thoughts in Life

    Fantasy Duke


    Iris Chan Travel & Photography


    Worth Articles blog

    P.S. it’s Peri

    Uniquely Rosie

    All of these bloggers and blogs are A-MA-ZING. Make sure to check them out. 🙂

    That’s all for now. I’ve got to go. Bu-bye

    Toodles! xxx

    The catastrophe. Pt 1. 

    “Isn’t the love of a mother pure?” Feli cried with her head on her husband’s lap. Its been two years since she and her daughter  had exchanged more than three words at a time.

    The love of a two year old relationship with a guy owerpowers the love between a mother and daughter. “For Gods sake! Leave me alone. I’m 24 and capable of making my own decisions. I will marry him because our love is pure.” She had said when they opposed their relationship the first time.

    “No honey, your love is as pure as winter snow. No one in the world could love her as much as you do. Don’t worry she will also realize it one day.” 

    ” I hope she would, but I cannot live like this anymore. I’m dying inside every single day. How can I make her understand that George  is not right for her. He is drunk almost all the time. He has been divorced thrice and even raped his last wife.”

    Daisy was a fine child. Always obedient and very lovable. She and George had met in a bar three years ago. Love was Daisy’s explanation for sleeping with him the first time they met. George is a fine guy if you had been living in a prison of rapists and most cruel and heartless murderers of all time. He was tall, had a big scar under his right eye and liked to break stuff. One would think how  a girl like Daisy can possibly be even friends with a guy like him. But the world is a weird place,my friend.

    “Do you think she will really kill herself if we don’t allow her to marry him,Kyle?” asked Feli

    “I don’t know,love. It’s as if we don’t know her anymore. Its hard to believe that we even live in the same house.”

    Just then the front door banged and Daisy emerged into the room with her eyes full of tears and her beautiful spotless face scratched all over. 
    To be continued…..

    Blogger Recognition Award

    Hey everybody! Hope life’s treating you well. So recently I got nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award by an amazing blogger Thoughts in life. Thank you so much for believing that I deserve it. Please do check it out. Its really great.

    The rules of this award are:

    1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog
    2. Write a post to show your award
    3. Give a brief story of how your blog started
    4. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers
    5. Select 15 other bloggers for this award
    6. Comment on each blog to let them know you nominated them and link to the post you created.  

    According to the guidelines , I’ll have to share with you guys how it all started. Well, like every other person I also like to share things what I feel without worrying about how will people react. And so I started this blog so that I could a express myself fully without worrying about my impression in front of people. Therefore, this blog is anonymous so that I can be what I am completely. And to be honest I’m really loving it. You know the things I wrote about in this blog wouldn’t be there if I had to worry about what if someone I know reads it. 

    The second reason behind this blog is to be a help to the  people who want a friend to talk to. Like their online pal. To be that person with whom people can share their feelings with without being judged. Life is confusing but if we find a way to empty ourselves and say everything what’s been in there for ages then it is a lot more easier. 

    My blog doesn’t have any certain genre or type..its just a collection of heartfelt emotions. And though they may seem a little depressing sometimes but I believe that everything will turn out to be great in tdreamer

    I further nominate the following bloggers:

    smiling dreamer 

    incredible pie




    p.s.its peri

    Blessed with a star on the forehead

    miss talkaholic

    backseat chic


    tiny daffodil


    sweta ojha


    Life as a typical girl

    All the love to all my readers. 🙂

    Toodles! xxx

      Are you what you are or what you should be?

      Hey everybody. Happy new year ( ik its v v late). I’ve been very inactive lately.. Just “realizing stuff”. My first semester of college has ended and I’m thinking what impression have I made about myself. 

      Do you guys sometimes feel that if only you could start over and come out as a whole new personality? Well that’s what I wanted to do when I was in school. I was known as a crybaby, not so pretty girl who’s mom is a teacher in the school. Even though I had this crazy and totally cool side of me, I never actually showed it. Like I mentioned,my mom was a teacher in my school and I ,being a staff child, was under constant surveillance. That is why I was expected to behave in a certain manner. I hope I’m not the only one who has to act a certain way just because others expect you to. When in my senior year I started acting like the real me..people said that I was copying my new friend who was miss popular. They started calling me mini ( her last name). I hated being called by that name. I used to cry and got all depressed.And at that time I experienced bullying.However my family constantly supported me and said that I didn’t have to be someone people expect me to be. 

      Its crazy how you are bound to act the way people expect you to…I was the shy girl and when I wasn’t being one they started teasing me by names.

      Its one of the reasons why I was so glad that school was ending. I was excited that I could make a different impression about myself and not worry about what would others think. And now when my first semester of college has ended I’m glad with the image I have. I can  show my hyperactive crazy side without being judged or teased. I could be totally cool without anyone saying that you are not the person you are behaving like.

      This experience in my life taught me that people will always expect you to be the same you. They won’t let you grow. And if you try to they’ll try their best to pull you down. 

      I hope whoever reading this has/is facing a similar situation is able to overcome all the hurdles and is able to bring out the real self. And if you need any person to share this with…so..hey I’m your online pal. 

      All the love. xxx


      To,my first love. From, the heart you broke.

      The following letter is to my first love who’ll never read it probably.

      I wish I had never talked to you. I wish I had lived in my own imagination where you too liked me. You have know idea how much you meant to me. But now I think its time to forget you. The eight years I have liked you have been the most beautiful yet worst years of my life. When I  saw you for the  first time, we were in sixth standard and the month was August or September. I saw you in the activity room sitting   on a chair right in the center and I wondered who this kid was. At that time I didn’t know you would become this important to me. You were the lead in the Annual function play and I was among the many girls who liked you.

      I still remember when you walked past me that day and I was so happy that I smelled your perfume. It was so strong.

      You were not in my class and your class was not on my floor but I used to wait for you outside your class after break just to get that last glimpse of you before I went to class. I was eleven and had no idea what I felt was. At that time all I wanted was to talk to you, to get your attention. My desire to talk to you was so much that I wouldn’t have mind even if you called me your sister. 

      On the first day of my seventh standard I saw you sitting in that last row near the window and I couldn’t have been happier when I saw that my seat was the one in front of you. I used to talk at the top of my voice so that you could hear me too.

      I hated when our teacher changed our seats and made me sit far away from you. I would always request to other girls to exchange seats with me but I guess they wanted to sit near you too.

      My most cherished memory of ours is when you asked me to play basketball with you in front of all the boys. I said no to you saying ” I don’t know how to play” but went to play with other girls in the adjacent basketball court of the school. Then you came near to me and snatched my ball. And we spent the remaining 15-20 minutes of the P.T period running after each other and snatching the ball.

      In the corridors you used to come running from behind and hit me and run away. I loved it.❤ 

      I still remember when you asked me to find the full form of laser without any help from the internet. I spent my whole day then to look up in Science Reporters. And then  I even asked my brothers help. I was the happiest girl alive when I found it, thinking I would have one more reason to talk to you. In class, I would intentionally drop my stationery near your desk to get an excuse to talk to you.

      In 12  you tried to talk to me during teachers day function practice. And when you asked me the full form of laser, at that time I felt like I was on cloud nine. I was so happy that you still remembered it. 

      After teachers day when I saw you with that girl and looking at her the way I wanted you to look at me tore me in two. Why didn’t you see how much you meant to me. In between these years  I tried my best to get over you. But why did you have to be so charming? 

      Sometimes after years and months of not talking when you said “Hi” I felt to surrender myself to you. In 12 when we started saying”hi” to each other for a few days I felt like everything was falling into place. But then again everything went silent. 

      Last week, when we had that small talk , the world became such a beautiful place. Everything felt so right. But why did you do this to me? Am I so unimportant to not even reply? The first time you seened on me but then replied after a few hours I thought that everything would be great now. Boy, you have no idea how much your reply meant to me. 

      But I guess I’m not the one for you. I wish I could tell you that you’re the only one I’ve imagined my life with. You were my first love and the most special one too. Even now when everything seems to come to a dead end I still hope that years later destiny will make us end up together.

      I wish I could make you read this. I have so many memories of us but I think I will still cherish them.I have so many more memories of us stored in a little corner of my brain which I can’t recall right now. But I guess that’s for the best, the less memories I have of you.

      I hate you for making me feel and think that you liked me too. Why did you do this to me??

      P.S – Ours is an  incomplete love story.You were my oliver, you were my rabbit. I was in love with you. And I don’t mean teenage ” I love you, I love you too.” I mean, I was in love with you.


      Please fall in love with me

      Hey guys. How are you doing? Hope your life is better than mine.

       So there is this guy whom I’ve liked since I was 11 years old and now I’m 18(I know that’s quite a long time). Even though I’ve had many attractions during this time but whenever he comes in front of me my heart skips a beat. He was in my school and was in my class in 7th standard. I thought there was a connection between us and that he also liked me but I’m not sure.

      Yesterday we had a little talk when I texted him regarding our school reunion. I was feeling on cloud nine and it just felt right. Today I messaged him again with a simple “hi” but he didn’t reply( although he came online during this time). 

      I know I might be overreacting but I just can’t get over him. I can wait for him as long as it takes for him to like me. I’ve tried to move on but everything comes back to him again. 

      Just help me what to do.

      All the love xxx

      Toodles! 🙂

      Value them before its late

      Hi guys. How are you doing? Hope everything is fine. Do you have problems and when you meet someone you realize how small and pointless your worries and problems are? Yesterday I met someone who recently lost her mother. And I was out of words to console her. Her mother was suffering from cancer and it took away her life. But she was a fighter till the last day. I felt so helpless when I saw the expired lady’s mother and sister. All they said was they still can’t believe it even though everything happened in front of their eyes. 

      Our life is so uncertain. We don’t know what will happen next second so why don’t we value each moment and person in our lives? My dad says that we should appreciate and value the person while they are with us and alive. Once they are gone there is no point in crying and saying nice things about them. We many times say things we don’t mean to other people specially our parents and forget the fact that they will not be with us for ever. 

      Once the person is gone, we cannot do anything except regret. Regret for all the fights between us, regret for all the misunderstandings between us, regret for all the times we said harsh words to them. Just regret,regret, regret. 

      Let’s not wait for the regrets and work for the satisfaction that we have never hurt them and have valued them.

      Because my friends what’s done will never be undone but all we can do is make sure that its never done again.

      Love your loved ones,make them feel special, appreciate and value them while you’ve still got time.

      That’s all for now. Please share your thoughts in the comments.

      All the love. 🙂